Season 2: 2003–2004

# Production Title Guest Characters Written By Original Airdate Production code
14 "Max's Work of Art / Max Meets Morris / Ruby's Scavenger Hunt" Louise, Grandma, Morris, Valerie, Martha, Bunny Scout Leader Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Briane Nasimok July 8, 2003 014
Max's Work of Art: After eating an art model, Max poses for Ruby and Louise so they paint two pictures of him. Later Max paints himself.

Max Meets Morris: Louise brings her little cousin Morris to meet Max. While Louise and Ruby make a banner for the Bunny Scout Picnic, Morris steals Max's dumptruck for himself.Ruby's Scavenger Hunt: In a Bunny Scout scavenger hunt, the last thing the Bunny Scouts need to find is a worm. Max finds a worm for the scavenger hunt.

15 "Ruby's Hiccups / The Big Picture / Ruby's Stage Show" Louise, Grandma July 15, 2003 015
Ruby's Hiccups: Ruby has the hiccups and Max can't find his monster mask. Grandma returns the Mask to him and scares Ruby and Louise which in the process removed Ruby's hiccups.

The Big Picture: Max and Ruby decide to take a picture to send to Grandma as a gift, but all Max wants to do is chase a butterfly.Ruby's Stage Show: Ruby and Louise have a stage show put on for Grandma but Max wants to play Dragon. Grandma thinks Max and his dragon mask would be wonderful in the show.

16 "Max's Froggy Friend / Max's Music / Max Gets Wet" Froggy, Grandma, Bumblebee (cameo), Valerie, Louise, Mr. Huffington (cameo) July 22, 2003 016
Max's Froggy Friend: Max meets a frog, but Max and Ruby have to leave for a tea party they're having with Grandma. Max wants Froggy to come but Ruby thinks a tea party is no place for Froggies.

Max's Music: Ruby, Valerie, and Louise practice for the Bunny Scout Concert, playing "The Farmer in the Dell", but Max is interrupting with his toy tools to play music.Max Gets Wet: Max and Ruby water the dried garden. But Max wants to go swimming in his pool than fix the garden, despite that they had lunch already and he has to wait a half-hour.

17 "Ruby's Tea Party / Max Is It / Ruby's Science Project" Louise, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader Nicole Demerse / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall July 29, 2003 017
Ruby's Tea Party: Ruby wants to have a tea party with her dollies, but Max wants to play pirates. Things get awry when Max uses Ruby's jewelry box as a treasure chest.

Max Is It: At the park Max is chosen to be it in a game of Freeze Tag and the girls are impossible for Max to tag. However, it doesn't take long for Max to come up with a plan to win.Ruby's Science Project: Ruby and Louise are doing a science project and Max wants candy. Max actually wants candy for a different reason than they thought.

18 "Ruby's Panda Prize / Ruby's Roller Skates / Ghost Bunny" Valerie, Mr. Piazza, Roger, the Huffingtons, Rosalinda, Louise, Grandma, Martha, Bunny Scout Leader James Backshall / John Slama / Unknown August 19, 2003 018
Ruby's Panda Prize: At the fair, Max wants jelly balls, but Ruby wants to win a prize panda. But with so many bunnies winning the prize, she doesn't seem to get one until Max wins one for her.

Ruby's Roller Skates: Ruby wants to learn how to roller-skate and is interrupted by Max who wants his lost Tow-a-Ton Tow Truck.Ghost Bunny: The Bunny Scouts are camping, telling ghost stories around the campfire complemented by s'mores. Max wants to hear the stories, but Ruby thinks they're too scary for him.

19 "Max's Bug Salad / Ruby's Beach Party / Super Max to the Rescue" Grandma, Rosalinda, Candi, Mrs. Huffington, Morris, Louise October 2, 2003 019
Max's Bug Salad: Max adds some candy bugs to Grandma's gelatin salad she makes for a tea party. Ruby is given full credit for making the salad, but she is shocked to see the candy bugs in the salad.

Ruby's Beach Party: Ruby and Louise want to have a beach party in Max and Ruby's sandbox while they wait for their swimming pool to warm up, only for Max and Morris to choose the same place to play Dump-truck.Super Max to the Rescue: Ruby and Louise play circus in the yard using their dolls and borrow Max's Red Rubber Elephant. Meanwhile Max plays "Super Bunny" but needs his elephant back.

20 "Max's Dragon Shirt / Max's Rabbit Racer / Roger's Choice" Louise, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Roger Patrick Granleese / James Backshall / Kate Barris October 9, 2003 020
Max's Dragon Shirt: Max and Ruby go to the shopping mall to buy Max new overalls, but Max wants a dragon shirt. Max sneaks away with a shirt getting it messed so Ruby just has to buy it.

Max's Rabbit Racer: Max plays with his Rabbit Racer while Ruby and Louise learn Baton-Twirling with Mrs. Huffington. Max's Rabbit Racer cars interrupt Ruby and Louise's practice.Roger's Choice: Ruby and Louise want to play with Roger but Max wants Roger to play cars with him. Eventually, Roger feels happier playing cars with Max.

21 "Ruby's Pajama Party / Baby Max / Bunny Scout Brownies" Louise, Valerie, the Huffingtons, Rosalinda, Mr. Piazza, Roger, Louise, Valerie, Candi Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Unknown October 16, 2003 021
Ruby's Pajama Party: Ruby, Louise, and Valerie are having a pajama party. Max wants to come too, but it's a pajama party for girl bunnies only. Ruby eventually gives up and lets Max in.

Baby Max: Louise and Ruby try to get Max to pretend to be a baby, but Max doesn't want to; he'd rather go on the playground slide.Bunny Scout Brownies: Ruby is selling brownies for Bunny Scouts, but Max keeps sampling them.

22 "Max's Shadow / Max Remembers / Ruby's Candy Store" Valerie, Mr. Huffington, Candi James Backshall / Unknown / Unknown October 23, 2003 022
Max's Shadow: Ruby and Valerie are trying to make a ballerina poster, but it isn't working out. Max is playing with his shadow, which keeps disappearing in the sun.

Max Remembers: Max can't remember why he had tied string to his finger. Ruby looked around the house for chores and ends up doing them for Max and all the time Max's string was for a yoyo.Ruby's Candy Store: Ruby helps Candi at the candy store, but unfortunately she gets to know the candies tastes a little too good.

23 "Max's Checkup / Max's Price / Space Max" Louise, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader Unknown / Patrick Granleese / Unknown October 30, 2003 023
Max's Checkup: Louise and Ruby play doctor. Max is chosen as the patient, but he wants to play with his markers.

Max's Prize: Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet. Max finishes a box of cereal to get a prize, just the thing Ruby needs to complete her charm bracelet.Space Max: Ruby, Valerie, and Louise are going to make a float for the Bunny Scout Parade, but Max wants to play spaceman.

24 "Ruby's Figure Eight / Ruby's Surprise Party / Ruby's Tent" Roger, Valerie, Louise, Katie, Bunny Scout Leader John Slama / Briane Nasimok / Kate Barris April 13, 2004 024
Ruby's Figure Eight: Ruby and Louise go ice-skating and try to make figure-eights while Max wants to play hockey with Roger and the other boy bunnies.

Ruby's Surprise Party: Max is sent to look out for Louise approaching her surprise party, but Max keeps making false alarms, almost spoiling Louise's surprise.Ruby's Tent: Ruby and Valerie want to make a tent to earn a Bunny Scout merit badge, but Max gets in the way playing Super Bunny.

25 "Ruby Writes a Story / Max's Dominoes / Grandma's Attic" Morris, Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Grandma Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / James Backshall April 20, 2004 025
Ruby Write a Story: Ruby wants to write a story, but Max wants to play cowboy, which later helps Ruby with the beginning of Ruby's story.

Max's Dominoes: Max and Morris both want to play dominoes as Louise and Ruby try to practice a hospitality meeting. The dominoes prove to make a terrific welcome for the Bunny scouts.Grandma's Attic: Max is curious to look inside a treasure box in Grandma's attic, but Ruby thinks he's no allowed to. Max finds the key to the treasure box in a shoe and Grandma shows them something special inside.

26 "Max's Thanksgiving / Max's Pretend Friend / Fireman Max" Grandma, Froggy, Louise, Bunny Scout Leader May 3, 2004 026
Max's Thanksgiving: Max wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing. By the time Ruby has finished decorating, Max has eaten all the stuffing and is too full to have Thanksgiving dinner.

Max's Pretend Friend: Ruby thinks that Max has a pretend friend when Max plays with Froggy and Ruby can't see him.Fireman Max: Max is playing Fireman while Ruby and Louise practice Bunny Scout Jump Rope.


  • Max
  • Ruby
  • Grandma
  • Louise
  • Valerie
  • Martha
  • Mr Huffington
  • Mrs Huffington
  • Baby Huffington
  • Mr. Piazza
  • Bunny Scout Leader
  • Candi
  • Rosalinda
  • Froggy

Characters introduced

  • Morris
  • Roger


  • This was the final season of several things:
  • Samantha Morton's last season as Ruby.
  • The last season where Ruby wears a purple & yellow dress with orange & green flowers.
  • There Are 2 New Bunnies.
  • Working At Ice Cream.