Season 1: 2002–2003

# Production Title Guest Characters Written By Original Airdate Production code
1 "Ruby's Piano Practice / Max's Bath / Max's Bedtime" Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris May 3, 2002 001
Ruby's Piano Practice: Ruby is practicing on the piano for an upcoming School Concert and Max can't find his firetruck. Ruby tries to get Max to play with other toys until Ruby finds that Max's firetruck was in the piano the whole time.

Max's Bath: Max gets messy, and Ruby decides to give him a bath, but Max has his lunch in the bath. After Ruby gives him a shower, Max points out the stains on her dress.

Max's Bedtime: Max can't sleep until he finds his red rubber elephant. Later, he spies it must have been under his bed all this time.

2 "Hide and Seek / Max's Breakfast / Louise's Secret" Louise (not seen) Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris May 10, 2002 002
Hide and Seek: Max plays Hide and Seek with Ruby but he won't let her have a turn at hiding.

Max's Breakfast: Max isn't keen to eat his sunny-side-up egg and tries to hide it wanting strawberries instead. Max then manages to trick Ruby into eating the egg.

Louise's Secret: Louise has a secret for Ruby on the telephone, but Max keeps interrupting Ruby with his loud toys. Max then hangs up so Ruby never learns the secret.

3 "Max Misses the Bus / Max's Worm Cake / Max's Rainy Day" Louise Kate Barris May 17, 2002 003
Max Misses the Bus : Ruby and Max are going to Louise's house, but Max wants to stay home. After Max makes them miss so many buses, Louise decides to come over at Max and Ruby's house.

Max's Worm Cake: Ruby wants to plant marigolds while Max has chosen to make a "worm cake". He uses all her marigold-planting materials in his worm cake, which proves to be good for the marigolds.

Max's Rainy Day: Max wants to play in the rain. By the time Ruby outfits Max with rain clothes, the rain has stopped but Max puts the raincoats to good use with a garden hose

4 "Camp Out / Ruby's Clubhouse / Max's Picnic" Louise Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese May 24, 2002 004
Camp Out: Max and Ruby are having a camp out but Max wants to sleep outside the tent. They do just that, when Max stuffs the tent with toys.

Ruby's Clubhouse: Ruby and Louise build a clubhouse, but Max tries to sneak in when they're not in. Later, Ruby builds Max his own clubhouse.

Max's Picnic: Ruby and Louise are birdwatching but Max wants a cupcake. He attracts a speckled warbler, feeds it his cupcake and shows it to Ruby and Louise.

5 "Max's Halloween / Ruby's Leaf Collection / The Blue Tarantula" Grandma, Louise Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese June 14, 2002 005
Max's Halloween: Max wants to be a Vampire for Halloween, but Ruby would rather have him a prince to go with her princess costume.

Ruby's Leaf Collection: Ruby begins a collection of leaves but Max keeps getting in the way of finding the big tooth Aspen leaf.

The Blue Tarantula: Ruby reads Max a scary story of a blue tarantula, which makes him stay up. After he overcomes his fear, he scares Ruby.

6 "Ruby's Merit Badge / Max's Apple / Quiet, Max!" Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris June 28, 2002 006
Ruby's Merit Badge: Ruby wants to earn her First Aid merit badge and practices bandaging Max. Despite her failed practice, Ruby gets a merit badge, but not the one she expected.

Max's Apple: A song game on how to make apple pie inspires Max to want a barrel of apples, for a pie, of course.

Quiet, Max!: Max and Ruby watch over Huffington taking a nap, but Max wants to listen to the radio. While playing with a new doll, Ruby accidentally causes it to wake Huffington.

7 "Max Cleans Up / Max's Cuckoo Clock / Ruby's Jewelry Box" Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Louise Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris July 4, 2002 007
Max Cleans Up: Ruby wants to help Max clean up his room, because of the yucky stuff and clutter. But Max stuffs the mess into his pocket instead.

Max's Cuckoo Clock: Ruby is babysitting Baby Huffington, but Max keeps playing with the Huffingtons' cuckoo clock.

Ruby's Jewelry Box: Ruby and Louise are making a tiara but Max wants to look in Ruby's jewelry box and Ruby doesn't want him in her room. Despite her sign on the door to keep out, he uses it against her.

8 "Bunny Cakes / Bunny Party / Bunny Money" Mr. Piazza, Grandma, Candi, Rosalinda Kate Barris / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese July 11, 2002 008
Bunny Cakes: Ruby sends Max to get ingredients for Grandma's Angel Surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing. After many trips, Max finally gets in addition "Red Hot Marshmallow Squirters" for his Earthworm Cake.

Bunny Party: At Grandma's birthday party, Ruby has invited her dolls. To get his own toys into the party, Max disguises them as Ruby's dolls. NOTE: Max Does Not Talk in this Episode.

Bunny Money: Ruby wants to buy a birthday present for Grandma, but her money gets wasted for Max's problems. Max and Ruby end up buying presents they can afford.

9 "Max's Birthday / Max's New Suit / Good Night Max" Louise (cameo), Martha, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader Patrick Granleese July 18, 2002 009
Max's Birthday: Max opens his last birthday present to find a huge wind-up lobster but he prefers his wind up chicks. When Ruby catches the lobster, Max decides he likes it after all.

Max's New Suit: Ruby invites Max to her Bunny Scout party. Max initially does not want to wear his new suit, and after Ruby persuades him to, he puts it on incorrectly.

Good Night, Max : Max keeps waking up to change his pajamas, because he did not like the one he was wearing . He keeps staining the ones Ruby makes him wear until he eventually gets the pajamas he wants. Ruby then gives him her Walkie-Talkie Bear to sleep with.

10 "Max's Christmas / Ruby's Snow Queen / Max's Rocket Run" Grandma, Louise, Roger (cameo) Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris July 25, 2002 010
Max's Christmas: On Christmas eve Max wants to stay up and see Santa, but Ruby won't let him stay up. Max gets his chance to meet him as he delivers the gifts. The next day Ruby is surprised to see both Max and the gifts downstairs.

Ruby's Snow Queen: Max wants to play with his new toy; A screaming green alien gorilla, while Ruby works on her Snow Queen. Then the gorilla vanishes, but Max finds it in the Snow Queen.

Max's Rocket Run: Ruby, and Louise are going sledding down the big hill called the Rocket Run. But Max is told to go down the gentle slope, which is called Bunny Hill, but then he hitches a ride down the Rocket Run in Ruby's tobaggan.

11 "Max's Chocolate Chicken / Ruby's Beauty Shop / Max Drives Away" Easter Bunny, Louise, Grandma, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Froggy Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris August 1, 2002 011
Max's Chocolate Chicken: Max is on an egg hunt, but gets an opportunity to take and eat a chocolate chicken the Easter Bunny left. Ruby is exasperated until the Easter Bunny gives her a chocolate duck.

Ruby's Beauty Shop: Louise and Ruby decide to pretend they own a salon, and Max is their customer. Max takes over when Grandma wants a makeover.

Max Drives Away: Max decides to drive to Grandma's house to have ice cream for breakfast and Ruby is hot on his trail.

12 "Ruby's Lemonade Stand / Ruby's Rummage Sale / Ruby's Magic Act" Louise, Mrs. Huffington, Rosalinda, Mr. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Grandma Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris August 8, 2002 012
Ruby's Lemonade Stand: Ruby and Louise are having a lemonade stand for Bunny Scouts. After trying hard, Max gets a nickel to buy a glass for himself.

Ruby's Rummage Sale: Ruby and Louise are having a rummage sale, but Max wants to keep the toys Ruby and Louise want to give away. Grandma buys them back for Max.

Ruby's Magic Act: Louise and Ruby are performing magic tricks, but Max is captivated by their magic box and almost spoils their secrets.

13 "Max's Valentine / Ruby Flies a Kite / Super Max" Louise, Grandma Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / James Backshall March 14, 2003 013
Max's Valentine: Ruby and Louise make Valentines. Max wants to make a Valentine, but he's too little to use scissors and glue. Max mails a cherry-flavored Slime Dribbler to Grandma and comes back with her with a cake.

Ruby Flies a Kite: Ruby tries to fly a kite.

Super Max: Sally Swims-A-Lot, Ruby's doll, goes missing, and Super Max (Max's alter-ego) must find her.


  • Max
  • Ruby
  • Grandma
  • Louise
  • Valerie
  • Martha
  • Mr Huffington
  • Mrs Huffington
  • Baby Huffington
  • Mr. Piazza
  • Bunny Scout Leader
  • Candi
  • Rosalinda


  •  It Aired On 2002-2003.
  •  Ruby Wears A Purple And Yellow Dress.
  • Louise Wears A Yellow And Green Dress.
  • Max Wears Overalls.
  • It Improperly.