Look, I didn't want to keep my brother, but I was under threat of hellfire.

It's bad enough he actually believes I'm his sister, for fuck's sake. But abortion's against my parents's (and his grand parents's) religion, so he stuck around as my little "sibling". Don't mind the twenty year age difference- or the fact that my- excuse me, our farther died eighteen months before he was a twinkle in the eyes of my high school boyfriend. It was God's plan, after all.

But this is how God wanted it. I'm a rabbit, god damn it. I breed when I feel like it, and Max is the wholly Christain outcome. To be honest, I've half a mind to introduce him to the PornHub community once he can get one up, just to see what kind of views doubled-on incest can generate.

I digress. See, if you're still around, maybe you'll come to like me. I consider myself an anti-hero. And fuck yea, I'll admit it. I am a livid bitch. Max's just one part of my story- a very big blemish on what was supposed to be a successful life of fucking everything I see. The evolutionary benefits are extraordinary, and I also consider myself an activist. Notice how there's no PETA for STI's? Well, I'm changing that, one one night stand at a time.

But Max? My son/brother/pudgy paper-weight? Son of a bitch (I can say that) is a bigger cock block than an IUD suffocating in Saran Wrap.This one time, I was trying to hook up with this gay guy called Roger.

Roger was a gold star homosexual that I met on craigslist, and I can respect that. I think his granddad died in the holocaust or something, cause in all his pictures, he's wearing this guessed-his-size-then-added-two huge jersey with a star of david over his heart. Either that, or the kid really liked being a gold star homosexual. Whatever. I thought he was hot, though. So, here it went.

The thing they don't tell you about catfishing people is how easy it is. I don't think anyone really likes to admit it, but we all have an innate power to destory each other emotionally. The internet only makes it easier. See, with a google search here and a clever selfie there, I can be anyone. I am a shape shifter- a thicc girl, a chubby guy, a barely legal teen and more than a few illegal ones.

And for Roger? I had a swimmer's build and a bear's dominance. Want to know something about Roger? No? Well, he was a bigger twink than that time the Pilsbury Dough Boy bent over for Little Debbie. Dude loved being tied up and used for his body. Again, I can respect that. So, a few messages later and we've got a meet up date at my place.

He wore a blind fold- the guy I was acting had some pretty "bad scars from Iraq", so he was real insecure. The whole thing turned Roger on as he waited to get his ass kicked. I planned to make good on it.

He came around midnight and fumbled his way to my front porch, nude and shivering. Then, he sat in the white whicker chair. Big mistake- I didn't tell him to sit. So, I did what any dom would do, and kicked his ass. He yelped loudly- son of a bitch had lied to me! This was his first time, and he did not take it well. He kept screaming and yelping and, well...rising. Then, the front door opened.

See, this is where Max comes in. Errr...cums in.

Also, his robot toys.

My child son gets more action than me.

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