Ruby's Piano Practice is an episode of Max & Ruby from season one.

Ruby's Piano Practice


Season 1, Episode 3
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Ruby needs to practice "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for the big music recital, but Max keeps interrupting her while looking for his lost toy firetruck. Will Max and Ruby find out that the truck has been inside the piano all this time?


  • On Wikipedia, this is considered the first episode. The episode actually aired after Max's Bedtime and Max's Bath during the series premiere, but currently airs before the other two episodes
  • In this episode Ruby wears a purple dress,in other season 1 episodes she wears a yellow flowered dress with purple sleeves
  • In this episode, along with "Max's Bath" and "Max's Bedtime", Ruby is sometimes voiced by her regular seasons 1 & 2 actress, Samantha Morton, and other times is voiced a different unnamed actress. The unnamed actress did not voice Ruby in any future episodes.
  • This is the first episode Ruby wears a purple dress

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