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Ruby Bunny
Max (brother), Grandma (maternal grandmother) , Mrs.Bunny (mother), Mr.Bunny (father)
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Ruby Bunny (Birthday: June 7) is a seven-year-old bunny who lives with her younger, four-year-old brother Max.


Ruby is a smart, attractive, competitve, curious and responsible bunny. She is best known to protect Max from any danger or to teach Max lessons to use in the future. She currently attends "Bunny Scouts" which involves activities that uses knowledge and motion. Her goal in Bunny Scouts is to earn every merit badge to fulfill her main goals in life such as bird-watching, being a good hostess, and baking delicious things. Sometimes, she needs Max's help to accomplish something, and thanks Max for his unique way of completing the task.

Ruby likes Seashells, Peppermint, and Gold Ribbons as mentioned in "Max's Valentine". Ruby likes doing fun activities like selling Grandma's lemonade, flying a kite, playing dress up, and having tea parties. Ruby is known for collecting dolls. She has Curly Shirley, Rapunzel, Sally Swims-a-Lot, Pinocchio, Tooth Fairy, Can't-Sit-Up Slug, and many others! As what I can see in the episodes Ruby seems to favor Curly Shirley the most out of all them but, she still loves the rest of  them very much. Ruby has quite a way with customers when selling lemonade or cookies but, she mainly gets the same customers. 


Ruby has white fur. She often wears a purple undershirt and a yellow, green and orange-flowered dress in Seasons 1 and 2, and a pink sundress with daisies in Seasons 3, 4, and 5. Her whiskers are long and gray. Ruby's eyes are white with black pupils.


Ruby has appeared in every episode of Max & Ruby. Her first appearance was in the pilot episode.

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