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Max Bunny


Maximilian (Real name)
Ruby (older sister), Grandma (maternal grandmother) , Mrs. Bunny (mother), Mr. Bunny (father)
Morris (best friend), Ruby (sister), Louise (sister's best friend)

Not to be confused with Max Goof, a character from Disney

Maximilian "Max" Bunny (Birthday: March 25)is a cheerful four-year-old bunny boy who knows what he wants and won't give up until he gets it. He loves to get dirty and play with anything slimy, mucky, or sticky. He is a bundle of bunny energy. He is physically fearless, cheerful, enthusiastic and stubborn. His will of iron is sometimes a source of frustration to his big sister Ruby. He is voiced by Billy Rosemberg in Seasons 1, 2, and 3.

Max is the dueteragonist of the books and the tritagonist of the TV Series.


Max doesn’t talk much or go to school yet, but that doesn’t stop him from turning the tables on Ruby and cheerfully getting his way. Max loves his sister but will never do something just because she wants him to. Max loves trucks, rockets and mud. His favorite toy is his red rubber elephant. He also enjoys really tacky candy like Slime Dribblers, Chocolate Shock Rockets and Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters.

Max will a lot of times want to get in Ruby's activities like sleepovers and Bunnyscout campouts. Max is very loud especially when Ruby wants some quiet time like watching Baby H. Max is very amused with toys. He has his Red Rubber Elephant, Screaming Green Alien Gorilla, and more. He hangs out with Moris (Louise's Cousin) a lot. He also like Riding around in his large red toy car. In all he gets along with Ruby in the end and they have a great time. He also has a best friend and in many episode's he knows more about grandma than Ruby does. Max is also friends with Roger.



Max is mostly white. He has two ears and one mouth.


Max has appeared in every book and episode of Max & Ruby. His first appearance in any media was in the series of books. His first appearance in television was in the pilot episode.


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