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Bed time

Max's Bath

Max's Bath is the second episode of Max & Ruby from season one.

Characters Present: Max and Ruby

Summary: Max is still hungry after Ruby makes him a strawberry jam and lettuce sandwich because the sandwich isn't in him, it's all over him! Ruby decides that Max needs a bath.

Header-video [[Video:Cherries for Max|670px|Ruby's Candy Store clip]]


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Max and Ruby is a Canadian animated series that debuted in 2002 (following a pilot episode in 2001). The show is aimed at a preschool audience. Created by children's book author & illustrator Rosemary Wells and based on the world of her Max and Ruby books, the episodes present stories about Max, a rambunctious and determined three-year-old bunny, and his big sister, Ruby, a patient, goal-oriented, sometimes restrictive seven-year-old bunny. The show presents an uplifting message for its audience by showing Max and Ruby playing together and exercising respect and love in resolving their conflicts. A pilot episode for this series aired in 2001 and the program appeared as a regular series on October 21, 2002, Season Two was aired during 2003, Season Three was aired in 2006 and a fourth season recently debuted on September 7, 2009. Max & Ruby celebrates the relationship between Ruby and her younger brother, Max, and the universal nature of sibling relationships.


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